Get Ex Back with No Contact - the Dos and Doníts after a Breakup

Published: 23rd November 2011
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You may have heard of the no contact rule that must be implemented after breaking up, and probably stumble into some articles in the Internet regarding this. The Get Ex Back with No Contact strategy is an effective strategy, but the problem is that establishing no contact rule with your ex seems to difficult to do. The reason for this is simply because it is just impossible to completely forget your ex, who was once an important part of your life.

After you break-up with your ex, itís time that you give each other a break, in order to clear your mind and get back into the right track in order to mend things out. The no contact strategy is the fastest way to move through all the miseries that you are going through at this point in time, so you could later on mend things out and get back with your ex. Here are the dos and don'ts that you must follow in order to strictly implement the no contact rule. But if youíre still deeply in love with your Ex-Lover, thatís another story. So I recommend, that you should see the tips on this site about The Magic in Making Up with your Ex Lover .

Do not do something that will provoke a reaction from your ex.

Do not ever attempt to do something that could ruin this whole "no contact" rule, especially if you are the one who imposed it. There are a lot of people who are sometimes tempted into doing something to spark reaction from their ex, and then ended up talking to each other. No matter how much you miss each other - be firm with your decision and do not do something that could ruin the plan.

Call your ex only if an emergency happens.

The Get Ex Back with No Contact strategy would not only mean not talking to each other personally, but it also means not communicating with each other either through text or over the phone. Well, except only if it is emergency in nature and you need the presence of your ex. And by emergency, we mean something that is life and death in nature. There are plenty of dos and doníts to get your Ex Lover back without contacts. Another thing you need to understand is the Three Actions You Must NOT Take For It To Work. Find out more about it here

Avoid starting a conversation that could lead to flirting.

When you are still on the road to recovery, there are times that you end up missing your ex. If you sometimes see your friends having sweet moments with their boyfriend, you are sometimes tempted to call your ex and flirt with him/her because you are envious of what the people around you are doing. If possible, avoid hanging out with your friends and their boyfriends, if you do not want to ruin the whole point of having no contact with your ex.

After not talking to each other for so long, you and your ex might feel that you are both healed from the pain of your breakup. Itís time that you will be back in each otherís arms, only if you are sure that you have already forgiven one another and no bitterness is left within you. The main purpose of the Get Ex Back with No Contact strategy is to give some space and time with each other so you would be able to reflect on the things that have happenedÖ and when you are back in each otherís arms, you knew that this will now be for forever. In case you still need to have further reading and would like to guarantee that it will be very successful, you can go to this website
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